Vinuthna Nalluri, Woman International Master (WIM) is a talented chess player and dedicated coach. With a passion for the game that ignited at the age of 5, Vinuthna has secured numerous accolades and medals across various categories. Her exceptional talent and hard work have earned her esteemed titles such as Women FIDE Master (WFM) and Women International Master (WIM).

With an extensive coaching experience spanning 14 years, Vinuthna has been sharing her knowledge and expertise with aspiring chess players since 2009. Her coaching style is marked by patience, dedication, and a deep understanding of the game. Through her guidance, she has nurtured the growth and development of numerous chess enthusiasts, helping them unlock their full potential.


  • National Sub-Junior Championship: Gold Medal - 2003

  • State Championship (Open): Gold Medal - 2003

  • National Junior Championship (U-18): Gold Medal - 2004

  • Asian Junior Championship (U-18): Gold Medal - 2004

  • World Junior Championship: 5th Position - 2004

  • 14 years of coaching experience

  • Titles: WFM, WIM

  • Fide Profile: